At Holy Spirit we support three mission groups –the Coolum High School Chaplaincy, the Bush Church Aid Society (BCA) and the Anglican Board of Missions (ABM).  These three reflect our location in Coolum and Queensland, and our being Anglican.

Chaplaincy at Coolum High School

Holy Spirit supports Chappy Mark Horsfall at Coolum State High School, financially and with food for ‘Chappy’s Pantry’ (assistance for needy families). We also help provide ingredients and serve pancakes at the weekly Tuesday morning breakfasts.

Mark Making Pancakes 400 x 500

Bush Church Aid Society

The Bush Church Aid Society is an association of Christians within the Australian Anglican Church.   BCA Field Staff serve in regional and remote parts of Australia. Locals in these places are removed from cities, live in sparsely populated towns (sometimes as small as a few hundred people), and often don’t benefit from strong support networks of family and friends.

Bush Church Aid Map

Churches in these areas can struggle, ongoing fellowship can be hard to maintain, and encouragement can become a rarity. To assist with the work of BCA you can obtain a small change box from the church.

To find out more about BCA visit its website http://bushchurchaid.com.au/

Anglican Board Of Mission

ABM is the national mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia working with overseas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. ABM works with partners both in Australia and overseas to provide support, and assist with community driven development projects that cover issues such as basic health and education, food security and livelihood support. At Holy Spirit we support ABM by the use of small change boxes, the annual Lenten appeal and through the saving of used stamps. 

To find out more about ABM visit its website http://www.abmission.org/ or speak to Suellen Petrie

Other Missions

We also support the annual Christmas Bowl Appeal, occasional one-off mission or need appeals such as for famines, earthquakes or other natural disasters.

Cathy on Mission 600 x 300
In 2017 Cathy Laufer, our priest-in-charge, took part in a Habitat for Humanity project in the Philippines.