At Holy Spirit Coolum, we rejoice whenever parents ask to have their child baptised (christened). Baptism is the sacrament of entry to the Church. We therefore baptise during the normal Sunday service.

Carol and Angus

If you would like to arrange a baptism, please call the Parish Priest on 0447 002 573.

Baptism at Coolum Anglican Church

Many parents are uncertain of what is required for baptism and what will occur during the service. We’ve prepared some answers to FAQs to help you.

Do we have to come to church every Sunday?

No. We would love to see you as often as you can come, but we don’t make church attendance compulsory.

What will we have to say?

You will be asked to make promises and a statement of faith on behalf of your child. You promise to follow Christ and to bring your child up in the Christian faith. Everything is written down, so you won’t have to remember it off by heart!

I’m a Christian, my spouse is not. What do we do?

This is quite a common situation. Discuss it with the priest when you meet. If you are planning a baptism, you have presumably decided to bring your child up as a Christian. During the service, both parents stand with their child and the godparents, but only the Christian parent makes the promises.

We want to ask a friend to be a godparent, but he isn’t a Christian. Is that a problem?

Your friend cannot, in honesty, make the statement of faith and the promises involved in the baptism service. Talk with your friend about your desire to include him in your child’s extended family, and explain that you don’t want him to be dishonest. There are many ways you can include your friends in the celebrations without putting them in an awkward situation.

I’m a Christian but I’m not baptised.

If you are able to make the baptismal promises on behalf of your child, then clearly you are a person of faith. In other words, it’s time for you to be baptised too. Discuss this with the priest when you meet to talk about the service.

What about christening robes?

What you dress your baby in is entirely up to you. Some families have heirloom gowns, some choose a new outfit for the day, some simply use what’s clean and dry. It’s your choice.

I breastfeed. What if my baby gets hungry?

If you are comfortable nursing your child in the congregation, then so are we.

What does it cost?

Baptism is a gift of God. We do not charge anything. However, we do encourage you to give an offering in thanksgiving to God for the gift of your child. Put it in the plate when it is passed around the congregation.